Justin Cook

I have over eighteen years of operational, engineering and architectural experience. Skilled in mission-critical environments, I possess a large portfolio of accomplishments, assertive communications and strong problem-solving skills.

My experience has always focused on mission-critical, UNIX-based infrastructures. Initially responsible for the tactical weapons systems consisting of mainframes on a US Trident ballistic missile submarine, upon departure, I was awarded the Navy Achievement Medal for outstanding service. I was then selected as the subject-matter expert for the US Navy's next-generation submarine networks.

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Following my time in the US Navy, I was selected to modernise and establish technical direction for a US trading company in Moscow, Russia. Working for the largest commodity trading company and fund managers in London, I provided system provisioning, monitoring, orchestration, application porting and high availability in time-critical scenarios. My systems accounted for trading positions totaling 50 billion USD annually.

Responsible for overall infrastructure engineering decisions, I hold a B.S. in Computer Science from Eastern Connecticut State University and am a Red Hat Certified Systems Engineer.